Welcome to The Maple Grove Preschool!

We are a Waldorf-Inspired Preschool that I have created out of my home. The Waldorf philosophy for educating the young child is that they learn through imitation, imagination and creative play. My program is a “Play-Based” curriculum in a home setting, which allows for the natural transition from home to school.

two children holding and looking at a small frog Our school provides a warm and nurturing environment for the young child. The intentions of this program are to: Foster a continuous relationship for the young child between home, school, parent and teacher; Provide daily, weekly and seasonal rhythms that nourish the growth of the child; Develop caring and respectful social relationships between children, adults and nature.

The Maple Grove Preschool is nestled amongst acres of Maples, Red Cedar and Douglas Fir trees. The children are able to play in our year-round creeks with a plethora of Oregon’s best wildlife. The children have daily rhythms such as free play, circle time, outside play, puppet shows, singing, beeswax molding. Our weekly activities cycle around crafting, beeswax coloring, watercolor painting, and gardening. I refer to the day by the activity, rather than the name. For example, if "it is Monday," I will say, “it is baking day today”. When we are transitioning between activities, we sing songs and verses, which help to form a picture that the children can live into. All of our toys come from the natural elements such as: rocks, shells, nuts, wool, wood, silk, cotton. Using natural materials allows for the children’s’ imagination to unfold. Our toys are open-ended. A pine cone can be food at the table one minute and a hair brush the next. The quality of the children’s’ play is unparalleled.

The snacks that are prepared and shared in class are created using only organic ingredients (and local when available) that I purchase with Gwen at Green Grocer, The Steiner Storehouse and Bob’s Red Mill.

winding woodland path We play outside with the chickens, birds, squirrels and salamanders for most of the day. The children dig holes with sticks, build houses with branches and roof the homes with moss, playing in the natural elements. Children require many hours outside JUST PLAYING!

After outside time we have a daily puppet show, lunch and are then swallowed up in our parents’ arms.

And for those children staying into the afternoon, it is nap time!! When they wake we share a light snack and either stay inside and play or outside we go. The children are then swallowed up into their parents’ arms!!

Come and visit us and experience the splendor we offer.

Miss Teresa