Parent-Child Program

Parent Child classes from Prenatal and Infants up to 3 years old

Parent-child classes provide a warm, beautiful, nurturing, home-like environment where families come together once a week in a supportive learning community. We share the joy of parenting, compare ways of coping with its stresses, and explore ways to support each other in our roles as mothers and fathers.

We also notice together what the children are actually doing as they move through the major phases of early play: play arising from the body (sensory-motor play), play arising from imitation, and play arising from imagination and intentional pretending. our lovely playspace In this way, we deepen our appreciation for the development stages of early childhood. We as parents need to meet the children where they are, rather than imposing developmentally inappropriate activities on them. I ask that we all be tender with each other as we have all made choices in how we will parent our children. Even if we do not personally agree with the choices that others have made on their parenting journey, I ask that you please be open and supportive of each other. Emotions can be tender as we step out into the world with our wee ones. Challenges to our choices as parents are part of what we must face on a regular basis. Through these challenges, we continue to learn and grow as individual and as parents charged with the incredible task of successfully raising children.

In my classroom I strive to create an environment where both child and parent are nurtured and cared for. I slow down the pace to one that is appropriate for the young child. In creating this environment, I ask that we try to leave the worries of the world outside the classroom – for instance, let’s not discuss the war in Iraq, or the car accident you saw on the way to class in front of the little ones. Too soon they will have to shoulder the worries of our world, and protecting them from these adult conversations in their formative years helps them be strong when the time is right. Of course, if you need to discuss difficult topics, please wait until the children are out of ear-shot (or you can make an appointment to speak with me after class).

Let’s celebrate our children, breathe, and take time to enjoy them in our class together! All too soon they will be grown and out of the house and twenty years will be gone, so savor the moment, hug your little one and realize how blessed we all are!

9:00 Arrival, Free play Room set up with things for the babies to explore – rattles, bowls, wooden spoons, a wooden farm house, woolen balls, sheepskin in a basket, dolls…

Conversation topics:
accompanied by handouts
– one topic per week

Sleep: the child’s
Sleep: the mother’s
A child’s room environment

9:30-9:45 Child Observation Quiet Observation; Journal
9:45-10:15 Simple Craft Activity Making a roving angel, make a mobile out of roving, make butterflies, tying dolls out of handkerchiefs…
Teacher sets table quietly, does finishing touches on snack
10:15-10:25 Baby Games  
10:25-10:35 clean up, wash hands  
10:35-10:55 Grace and shared meal, announcements  
10:55 Lullaby, hand / foot massage for children with Lavender oil  
11:00 Goodbye Song