Rhythm of the Day

Children feel at their best when the same things happen at the same time, every day and every week. They respond well to a consistent rhythm. At Maple Grove, we have a gentle rhythm to our days, and keep in mind the personalities and feelings of the children.

    Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
9:00 Activity coloring with
beeswax crayons
watercolor painting
kneading bread
9:15 Creative Play
10:25 Tidy-Up Time
10:35 Potty/Wash Hands
10:45 Circle Time
10:45 Snack

oats with

millet with fruit and sprinkles

warm bread with butter, honey and fruit
11:15 Rest
11:25 Outdoor Play
12:35 Puppet Story
12:50 Lunch
1:30 Nap
3:30 Snack
4:00 Free Play Inside or Outside
Depending on Weather
Until Picked Up